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"Grigoryan Group" winary

Grigoryan Group Wine Factory LLC was established in 2019, in Vosketap community of Ararat region. The area of ​​the factory is about 70,000 square meters. The founder of the factory is Aramayis Temuri Grigoryan. He involved experienced specialists of the republic in production, due to which the factory succeeded and started producing high quality wines. The factory specializes in the production of vodka, brandy and wines. The company is equipped with modern equipment, technologies, is under the control of professional staff of a company with experience in the field of winemaking, wine and brandy production.Quality wine is the result of careful selection of grapes in this field և centuries-old traditions. Wine is considered a tasty drink և its reasonable use gives the body extra nutrients և energy. The first vine in the world was planted by Noah in the Ararat Valley.

Wine is a drink of the Gods. Enjoy our wonderful wine.

Our motto is to restore national values.